Wednesday, October 6, 2010

From the Radical Secularist: HP protests gaining traction

The following idea is from HP User The Martin Gak The Radical Secularist:

So it is apparent that the question of censorship and deletion at the Huffington Post has been gaining some traction. So much so that the site has been forced to address the issue:

The column is somewhat informative though it places the brunt of the responsibility on the Community Moderators and defends the Badge system. Yet, most of the people that have been banned have been the object of actions by the site moderators and not by community moderators, who only have power to delete comments but not to ban

The strange irony is that the people who are addressed by this column cannot respond because they have been banned from the site. Yet, it seems imperative to take the opportunity to respond. So here is the idea: open a new account, copy and paste the following message to the comment window of

and invite anyone who is still in the HP to post to do the same. Most likely it will be deleted so repeated and sustained efforts to post will be necessary. If we succeed, we can 1. get the message across, 2. draw some attention to the policy. Here is the message:

"In order to defend its editorial line, the HuffPo has censored individuals who openly criticize their content, their choice of bloggers, the political positions expressed in the work and the credentials of the writers. Stories on these matters, if anyone would like to know, can be found at

The HP response to repeated criticism has been to delete comments and then to eliminate profiles normally without explanation. The fact is that HP is hardly a space for open deliberation but rather the platform for a section of the Democratic Party. It has a penchant for peddling new age products and has been widely criticized for letting on people that play fast and loose with science, religion, etc.If you dont believe me I dare you to repost this message."

Please keep count of the amount of times your message was posted and erased and report back here if you are so kind. There is a way in which enslaved or exiled speech can be emancipated and freed.

Martin Gak


  1. I notice that Radical Secularists post on the matter in that thread are subject to rapid deletion.

    I've also posted a respectful analysis of one of the moderation problems and a simple common sense solution.

    I'll post it here on this thread after giving it some time to clear the cue and report the results of the attempt.

  2. Here's a brief excerpt from the first post which was posted. I tried several more comments and all where posted. I notice that many of Radical Secularists comments have now been posted as well.

    "Here's a simple and fair solution:

    Institute a moderation system for both staff and level2 moderators that consists of a simple checklist of "no's". When a comment is deleted the moderator will check a box. The form and comment will be auto-forwarded to the posters e-mail.

    A similar system for account deletions should be in place also and use a three step ban process Warning, temporary ban, permanent ban.”

    You can view this post here "

    And the entire thread here:

    If Red Dog or anyone wishes to use any of the material I have posted at HP please feel free. I ask only that you post it in entirety to avoid being taken out of context.

    The anonymous tag seems a little funny with the links but I'll likely change that shortly.


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