Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Good bye

For an overview of why this blog was started please see the Introduction.

I've decided to shut down the blog. I've been getting inundated with spam lately and its just too much work to filter through all the spam to find the few legitimate comments. I'm also moving to a new email, if you would like to contact me you can send me an email at:

To see the petition against censorship at the Huffington Post please click here. 


Red Dog


  1. You may want to become active again. I actually had the idea to start something like this a few months ago, good to see someone had already started.

    I have recently submitted several comments, the type of comments that ABSOLUTELY get attention... my account says they have been posted, but there is no activity on the comment. I have been with HuffPo long enough to know what comments will get attention. Secret censorship?

  2. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only that has comments being censored. it is rare my comments ever get posted and I don't understand this. I don't post anything vulgar or even remotely negative. It is just my opinion on an article or an example of how the article pertains to me yet I am still being censored. What is going on here??


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