Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Interesting Input from a Huffpo Blogger

Here is an interesting comment from a post below by a Huffpo blogger on some of the inner workings at the site.  I thought it was worth elevating to a separate post:
I submitted a post a few months ago which was critical of anti-vaccine activists. It took eight days for HuffPo editors to approve it. Meanwhile, anti-vax posts are fast-tracked.

As an HP blogger, I am able to delete comments if they are in queue awaiting approval. I can also approve a post. But once they are approved by the HuffPo editors, I am unable to delete. I've only deleted two comments, but only because they were abusive and/or demonstrably untrue. So it is easy for an HP blogger to delete comments if he/she catches them in time.

HuffPo editors are very sensitive to criticism. I've been told to "play nice" if I expect to continue to blog there. It was clear from the context that "playing nice" means not talking about HP's appalling double standard that makes it easier to post anti-science tirades than it is to post evidence-based material. I actually had a post disallowed because I was "giving medical advice without benefit of a medical license." My crime was telling readers that vaccines prevent disease. Meanwhile anti-vax loons regular exhort readers to treat children like lab rats in a foolhardy and dangerous attempt to cure autism.

Thanks for this website. Keep up the good work.


  1. @ "Huffpo Blogger"
    2:00 PM CST

    I hope someday soon you'll feel comfortable enough to use your real handle on this blog. Thanx for your support.


  2. Here's an interesting website that may have some information you can get permission to use. The title of the site is: "CENSORED" PAGE
    Selected Unjustly Censored Submissions to
    The Huffington Post Blog

    URL: http://newthought-apps.net/censored.html


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