Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Don't diss the Corporations

Here is a very interesting example. A comment by user wmholt that surely meets all the criteria that the Huffington Post publishes but yet says some negative things about the corporate world. This comment was up and then deleted from an article about the White House press secretary. Its these kind of examples that so clearly illustrate that the Huffington Post is turning into just another corporation. Not new media but main stream media. Note before it was deleted six people marked it as a favorite.

I don't like what Gibbs said, but in reality, the whole left vs right thing is just a distraction to keep us from rising up against the corporations and their never-ending practice of class warfare.

I watched, "Capitalism, A Love Story" last night. The corporatist politicians and the corporations are the ones taking America down. Michael Moore does a brilliant job of illustrating that fact.
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  1. Thank you for enlightening all of us!

    Given that many corporations are ruining our democracy (for example, BP, Monsanto, and others) and have been prominent in the news lately, I now understand why a number of us have been banned from Huff Po for merely exposing the truth.

    Huff Post should be ashamed for presenting itself as a liberal rag, yet having as its agenda protecting the very corporations who are in bed with Congress and have run our democracy into the ground.


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