Friday, August 27, 2010

Don't talk about Huffpo

A comment from a user that violated one of the unwritten Huffpo guidelines, don't ever mention Huffpo itself or its policies around publication, editing, etc. 

I was recently censored for the following comment on an artcle on Emmefinacy in Gay Men
“When did HuffPo turn into Fox News? This article is ridiculous.”
Then, once I saw it was deleted, I went back and wrote another comment:
“HuffPo removed my previous comment because I compared it to something from Fox News. Ouch. So let me re-state, this article is still misogynist.”
I'm really surprised that HuffPo considers comments like these as grounds for removal.


  1. We applaud your mission and your website!

    Here are some resources for more Huff Po censorship stories.

    1. blogs:

    2. Huffington Post Censors Comments by School Librarians?

    3. Huffington Post Censorship Goes Beyond Quality Control

    4. Censorship is Alive and Well at The Huffington Post

    Keep up the good work!

  2. got banned for posting this

    great pic of the ra cis m on display at Glenn Becks fun for all for ang ry whi te people

    my question is why does Ar i anna still hang out with Ne wt Ging rich?

  3. It's been a few days now and my comment praising Huffpo for writing a positive article about a blogger they had previously censored is still yet to apear!

    I call B______T

  4. Suburban Bushwacker, great example. Even saying good things about the site is prohibited!


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