Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yet Another Fed Up Huffpo User

Here is an email from Huffpo user Ely who was fed up with Huffpo's censorship:

I deleted my long-time HuffPo account yesterday, after being completely fed up with what appears to me to be an increasingly censorship-prone "screening policy." I've noticed this before with the occasional screened comment, but lately I feel that it's getting out of control. Many "hot" news stories routinely have hundreds, if not thousands, of comments "pending." It's absolutely ridiculous.

Here's the straw that broke the camel's back for me.

Yesterday, Arianna posted an opinion article on Davos. The gist of at least a portion of the article is that the "economic forum" held in Davos this week is likely to have a "somber" mood, with a major focus on the growing economic disparity between the super rich and the rest of us.

My comment was this (it's from memory, but the "inflammatory" portions are definitely preserved):

"It seems ironic that you speak of Davos as a means towards solving the growing economic disparity, when Davos itself is a perfect example of that disparity. It's an ultra-exclusive, invite only, super expensive (many participants spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just to be there) party for the super-elite. The NYT recently described it as "successful people wanting to be seen with other successful people.

Do you really believe participants will be feeling "somber" about the crumbling middle class as they celebrate their record corporate profits (despite laying off half their workers)? If they actually cared, they'd invest the millions of dollars spent on the event on the people they claim to want to help, rather than on themselves."

Obviously the comment is pissed-off, but it's an honest comment that I believe should be seen as criticism - not anything worthy of censorship. There is no profanity, no incitement to violence, copyright infringement - in short, nothing that violates HP's "guiding principles" for screening comments.

I believe this comment was censored because it disagreed with Ms. Huffington's perspective on the matter. I find it ironic that she's of the progressive liberal ilk, but runs her newspaper like a dictatorship, complete with active censorship of any opinion that undermines her own.

Once I realized I had been censored, I posted another comment talking about how HP censors comments, unless they kiss the butt of the author's viewpoint or the HP's viewpoint. Obviously that comment never saw the light of day either.

That's my story. Thanks for giving those of us that are fed up with this whole thing a forum in which to vent! My guess is that you're likely to get more of these kinds of emails, because, as I said above, it appears that the censorship is getting worse, not better.



  1. I too was just censored yesterday for providing evidence that Obama is further right wing than Reagan, and then proceeded to list all of his foreign policy cave ins. He's continued everything that Bush started and even exacerbated it. That post was censored.

    This will be the second time I will be deleting my account.

    It's obvious to me HuffPo is too establishment oriented.

  2. Well, for the record Anonymous I have to say I think its bullshit to say that Obama has just continued "everything that Bush started and even exacerbated it."

    I've been on the far left, the very far left for several decades. I've worked with socialists and even communists.

    So I have no illusions that Obama is some great progressive savior. He is a middle of the road Democrat who mostly serves the corporate class. But unlike most of the idiots on the American left these days I care about more than showing how smart and cynical I am. I care about making serious change and I realize that Obama is the best we can do right now for president. And the way we do better is not to chop down the one guy who is resisting the facists but to support him and push him to the left.

    And I don't think you were censored for being anti-Obama. You were censored because Huffpo tries to define a very shallow spectrum of debate that excludes serious discussion from the left and the right.

    So as much as I think you are full of shit I will defend to the death your right to express your shit. If you have specific examples of censorship -- please look through this site for examples -- please send them to me and I will document them. Cheers, Red Dog.


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