Thursday, May 6, 2010

9/11 Censorship

Here is a comment from Huffpo user Abbybwood about 9/11 censorship at The Huffington Post and other sites.

I have been actively involved in politics for over 30 years. Since 9/11 I have been very interested in the investigation that, I feel, did not take place.  As a result I have read many books, watched scores of videos and read tons online.

Naturally, from time to time I have attempted to share information regarding 9/11 by posting links and comments at The Huffington Post. Anything I have ever posted regarding 9/11 has been deleted, so eventually I gave up trying.  Huffington has a clear rule:  "No mention of any conspiracy theories".  They even took down an article about 9/11 by former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura.

Huffington Post is not the only site that censors comments on 9/11 particularly comments that doubt the "official" story and that suggest problems/questions regarding the 9/11 commission report. CommonDreams has zero tolerance for mentioning 9/11 as does CrooksandLiars.  InformationClearingHouse is very tolerant.  Salon seems to allow anything as well.  About two days ago, ICH had a thread featuring a recent speech by Dr. David Ray Griffin in Chicago regarding 9/11 and the war in Afghanistan.  I watched about 7 YouTube links on it, then proceeded to read the comments.

Someone made a comment about Mossad having an involvement with 9/11,  then another person asked for links.  So I put a series of links and a few comments and went off to another site.
My post is still there and people seemed to appreciate the links.  Had I put that post up at Huffington, C&L or at CommonDreams it would have been deleted for sure.

I actually made a comment about Christopher Bollyn's site at The Washington Post online today and I don't think it was removed.  (His website is frequently shut down).

Anyhow, I just wanted to tell you of my frustration with not being able to dialogue with my fellow Americans about the worst tragedy in modern American history.  There is lots of new information that should be shared about 9/11.


  1. I came over here from the C&L open thread. I too have had comments deleted at C&L (among others) for attempting to discuss the Sept. 11 attacks. I haven't had any comments deleted at HuffPo, mainly since I stopped commenting there several years ago.

    But HuffPo's defense that they don't allow any conspiracy discussions is obviously incorrect. I've seen articles there about Watergate & Iran-Contra, both of which are conspiracies. The phantom WMDs and Judith Miller's role in selling the Iraq War have been discussed on HuffPo, and I would classify those as conspiracies. HuffPo has also run articles about the US Attorney firings, which I would call a conspiracy, and recently, they have run articles about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's bogus rape charges, which is definitely a conspiracy. So the upshot is that HuffPo DOES allow mention of conspiracy theories.

    What they really mean is that they don't allow discussions of 9/11 conspiracy theories. As you mention, this dictum has been repeated throughout the lefty blogosphere, but what I don't understand is why. Is it an advertising policy? Is it fear of being labeled a tinfoil hat wearer? Given the enormity of the event itself, combined with the fact that the 9/11 Commission Report leaves so many questions unanswered, it seems reasonable to expect people to want to discuss it. It really bugs me that the "Professional Left," so to speak, is so complicitous in censoring discussion on this topic.

  2. I just remembered another "conspiracy theory" that HuffPo allowed mention of on their site: "The Big Uneasy."

    This is Harry Shearer's new documentary on Hurricane Katrina, which posits that the levees surrounding New Orleans were insufficient, and that the Army Corps of Engineers knew this and went to great lengths to cover it up. Shearer also discusses on HuffPo NPR's decision not to allow him to advertise the film, which also seems somewhat conspiratorial.

  3. go there now and tell em whatcha reckon! :)


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