Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Are you Experienced?

Rev. James Martin has a Huffpo article on faith called Want to Experience God? You Already Have: Vulnerability.

Its one of those articles that claims belief in the irrational is actually a good thing. As I read it and thought about my own life I realized that you could replace "God" with "drugs" or other vices and it would pretty much still make sense. So I posted the following comment:

Want to Experience Drugs? You already have: Vulnerability.
Try the following experiment: replace “God” with “Drugs” in this article. It still pretty much makes sense. Not that I’m advocating drugs, not at all. Just pointing out that just because we turn to something at times of vulnerability doesn’t mean that thing is true or worthy.

I think this is another perfect example of what is wrong with the moderation policy. You may disagree with my comment but I can't see how you would think its in any way obscene, a personal attack, or anything that should be reasonably censored.


  1. How could this be censored? They should have to give a reason but of course they won't. I thought I had one deleted a little while ago but it returned after I poked fun at the mod that I posted it to. That one was deleted.

    Night, Ken

  2. Thursday, May 27, 2010
    1:50 PM CST

    ...Yeah it's that "Rev. Martin" again. He gets nervous over his own shadow. Just as well might have used "Satanism" as a replacement analogy.

    I suspect many of these "moderators" are closely atuned to author expectations, and deliver a premptive strike wihtout waiting for the author to censor.

    Another great example though. Ironically, the more they censor intelligent, creative posts like this, the stronger our case to put directly to Arianna... J.B.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree that the comment is not only a valid comment but a valuable one.

  4. Wow i just discovered this website (from a comment at youtube) and i have to say it is an excellent idea. HP's draconian censorship is really making the left look bad. I'll be checking in here often.


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