Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Deleted Comments from Dr. Lanza

Dr. Lanza (or whoever does his moderating) is one of the most egregious of the personal censors. He often deletes comments that are not personal or vulgar but are overly critical of his point of view. Here is another exchange between Huffpo users Holyheretic and 1Canadian that were deleted from Dr. Lanza's article Who Are We? Experiments Suggest You're Not Who You Think

Robert Lanza turns to a children’s story about Alice and her bizarre characters and situations to tell us that “Science has failed to recognize those properties of life that make it fundamental to our existence.” 

Such language “SCIENCE HAS FAILED” is the all too familiar and all too obnoxious language of the Full-of-Faith. They always argue that science “failed to discover”. They always strive to lecture us on “faults and failures” of science.

They do it to inoculate themselves against the criticism of the glaring, growing faults and failures of their ancient dogmas. But why would the distinguished MD use the language of the denigrators of science? 

Why not acknowledge the fact that our knowledge keeps growing, that science is amazing, and that it keeps evolving? Why not say “science has not YET recognized”?

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Might I suggest that instead of being defensive in this way, you consider that science's failure is related for the most part to its refusal to consider "consciousness" as even being relevant in both the grand and small scale of things, period. Science concerns itself almost exclusively with externalized phenomenology, and that which it cannot observe relegated to file 13. Science also has its own built in agenda, to which it is blind or refuses to observe.

What is it exactly that science is 'learning'? Technology has made great strides for sure, but classic science still holds onto most of the views it was born with, and those views it holds onto has dearly as the 'superstitions' science claims feed to religious groups, in spite of the fact science cannot see that its owns views can at times be as blindly followed.

What has science 'created' really? Even the common cold has science stumped, what to say of mot other things.

Knowledge of what exactly keeps growing? The props and things of the universe? these come and go, but what f the source of the props? Until science recognizes 'consciousness' it will still be groping in the dark. And in spite of sciences apparent accumulation or wealth of knowledge, it has yet to cultivate wisdom.. 


holyheretic Commented May 03, 2010 at 04:54:37 in Living
Dear 1canadian

Thanks a lot for your comment and for making your point: “What has science 'created' really? Even the common cold has science stumped, what to say of mot other things”.

Are you one of those Full-of-Faith people I was complaining about who finds comfort in his or her perfect-pie-in-the-sky and virgins in the clouds?

If you are one of these Full-of-Faith people then obviously your God does not need the metaphor of heroine of a Walt Disney story from 1951 to make His point or to make himself known to the rest of us. 

He can also cure the common cold in no time at all. 


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