Friday, September 3, 2010

Petition to the Huffington Post

I've created a petition to send to the Huffington Post on the censorship issue. To see and sign the petition click here.

To sign it fill out the fields on the right side of the page under the yellow banner "Sign the Petition"

If you don't want your contact info shown at the bottom of the petition uncheck (its checked by default) the box that says "Allow my signature to be seen publicly"

The petition is in two parts. A description of the problem at the top and then the Petition Text below. The petition text is a letter that gets sent automatically to the Huffington Post ( every time someone signs. Note: you can edit or completely change the letter that gets sent when you sign so you can make it about any specific free speech issues (gun control, science section, etc.) that you like. Note: if you sign you will receive an automated email reply from the Huffington Post. Its just a form letter that is automatically sent out every time someone sends an email to that mail box.

I encourage people to share that link as much as possible to anyone that might be interested. I can also edit the petition so if you have feedback please email me at:


  1. Delighted to see the petition!

    However, when I go to the website to sign it, there is a message that says:

    "The time period for signing this petition has ended." So, no one can sign it.

    Can you set it up again and extend the time allowed to sign it? I know a lot of us will then spread the word to get as many signatures as possible!

    Thanks for the good work you do!

  2. Yes, Sorry about that, I made a mistake when editing it last night. I've fixed it now and won't make the same mistake. Please check back you should be able to sign now. thanks, RedDog

  3. Thanks Red Dog Bear!

  4. Hey Red Dog,

    See the following website--Tales from the Net- especially the comments section to this post:

    They are writing a book. I told them about your website and petition (posted as Expose the Truth). Here's what Jon at Tales from the Net said about your work:

    "Thanks for the comment, Expose the Truth, and yes, this is very much the kind of story we’d like to tell — we’ve already got examples from Facebook,, and digg, so it’d be great to add HuffPo. Great blog! Excellent detective work and documentation. Let’s follow up in email!"

    So, sounds like a good resource to follow up with.

    BTW, I've been postings about your petition. Hope many more will sign.

    Thanks for the good work you do.

  5. Thanks anonymous. I left a comment with my email on that site.

  6. Great! Also I see 55 people have signed the petition so far!


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