Wednesday, September 15, 2010

JuLiA -- The Out of Control Bot has a Name

For a long time we've known that The Huffington Post uses an AI system to filter their comments. As far as I can tell, this system screens comments and if a comment doesn't make it past the system it is deleted. We have a few examples of this arbitrary censorship, for example the Out of Control Bot Example. Now thanks to a new member of the group named Kevin I have some information on the technology that Huffpo uses. It is called JuLiA and is a product of a company called Adaptive Semantics.

Here is the really interesting thing. Adaptive Semantics is now owned by a big corporation. The thing that makes mandates. Guess who? Yup, The Huffington Post has purchased Adaptive Semantics.

Now isn't it interesting that nowhere on Huffpo have we ever seen a word about Adaptive Semantics or JuLiA? I just did some searches to make sure and nothing. Allow me to put my tin foil hat for a minute. Doesn't it seem a little ominous that The Huffington Post is utilizing its users as guinea pigs for a new technology that they own and plan to sell to others for controlling dissent on the web? Its funny to read some of the articles on this. People are giddy over the fact that machines can auotomate censorhip. One article on put it this way: "Today's blogger will eventually become tomorrow's dinosaur where content will not only be curated by machines but composed and developed by them. While it may sound like a bleak future, I'm sure there will be more elevated pursuits man will have in managing this 'assembly-line' automated landscape."

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  1. ReFrame It is a software that allows anyone to make comments, challenging anything they read on a web site. It's free.

    Highlight the text that you are commenting,challenging, or disagree with etc, and a right sided panel appears with the highlighted text. Type your comment and it can be posted to private, public, RSS Feed etc. It may be a way to highlight a post you've written,highlight it , it comes up in the panel, and if you want to even wait, see if it actually gets posted or scrubbed by HP and then write comment accordingly.

    Or if you see slanted stories, titles of articles, comments etc, you can do the same thing. It goes out all over the web. HP has absolutely no control over the software. You can also ad a link to this site.

    Once you've set up ReFrameIt, the link appears at the bottom right hand window as a blue "re", and you just click it to use the software. I hope this helps,

    But it may be another way to get exposure for the cause


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