Friday, September 17, 2010

Links to Huffpo Censorship on the Web

The following is a list of some of the many articles, blogs, etc. that discuss censorship on the Huffington Post. Thanks to an anonymous commenter and James Ballard for leaving many of these links in comments on this blog. If you know of more please add them as a comment or send me an email at: Also, please remember to spread the word. Discuss Huffpo censorship and leave links to this blog and the petition at your favorite sites.

* An Alternative Petition against Huffpo Censorship by James Ballard on the Thom Harman blog.

* Discussion of Huffington Post Censorship on

* A very interesting Blog story about the Huffington Post censoring school librarians

* Discussion on about censorship on the Huffington Post

* An article on about how Censorship is Alive and Well on the Huffington Post

* Comment on Crooks and Liars Open Thread about this blog and the petition

* One of my posts on The Daily Kos about Huffpo Censorship

Thanks to another anonymous for more links in the comment below. I made them links up here so you can just click rather than have to copy and paste the URL.

* MuzzledAtTheHuffingtonPost blog Warning: this one is kind of R Rated. Don't link to if you have kids looking over your shoulder or you are easily offended.

* Too Hot to Handle? Censorship at the Huffington Post! Blog entry at about Huffington Post Censorship.

* Huffington Post Sucks... and Digg Doesn't Know it

* Huffington Post Censorship Nazis from the web site America Doomed

* Huffington Post Censorship: Ariana Can't have it Both Ways article on Enviroweb

* Huffington Post Censors Jesse Ventura

* Huffington Post is Afraid of Its Own Readers from ScienceBlog

* Huffington Post Should be Called Censorship Central

* Huffington Post Censors are Big Fat Idiots

* Censorship and The Huffington Post

* I Resigned from the Huffington Post This is an especially interesting one if it is what it seems to be. Its a post from Sander Hicks who is one very cool guy IMO. Publisher, muckraker and punk rocker. He starred in Horns and Halos, a great documentary about James Hatfield the guy who tried to publish a biography on George W. Bush and ended up committing suicide. It is one of my all time cult favorites.

* Blog entry on on Huffington Post Censorship

* Badgefree forum Censorship on The Huffington Post

* Arianna is a Big Dumb Banana Wonderful Blog entry from "a mean old lady with a trashmouth and an attitude"

* The Radical Secularist has several interesting examples and comments on Huffpo Censorship.

* Southern Bubba's Blog


  1. Wonderful! Here are some additional posts on censorship at Huffington Post:

    Banned from HuffPo: Yet another reason why a "science section" at HuffPo is a sick joke

    Muzzled at the Huffington Post? This website may not be active:

    Too hot to handle? Censorship at Huffington Post!

    Huffington Post s--ks… and Digg doesn’t know it

    Huffington Post Censorship Nazis

    Huffington Post Censorship: Arianna Can't Have It Both Ways!

    Huffington Post censors Jesse Ventura

    Huffington Post is Afraid of Criticism from Their Own Writers

    Huffington Post -- Should be called: "Censorship Central"

    Huffington Post Censors Are Big Fat Idiots


    I Resigned from Huffington Post

    HuffingtonPost Censorship (compare, party, money, state)

    Censorship on Huffington Post

    And there are many more! It's a big issue.

    Expose the Truth

  2. It seems that the folks at The Young Turks are the Huffington's lapdogs .. try to say anything negative about HP and your account gets banned from TYT.

    1. TYT are not really a news show. Cenk U is a lawyer and uses his ever sharp wit(lessness)to preclude any real support for his whacky views and I am a liberal progressive and gay. I still think that TYT and HP suck in such a gigantic way.

  3. I just canceled my account at the HuffPost...the ridiculous censorship was just too much. Who wants to go to a site and be annoyed instead of entertained?

  4. After having several of my posts censored I made a separate comment "this is the most censored blog on the Internet. If you have any comment that is contrary to the liberal views of Huffington Post, your statement will never see the light of day. I'll bet that this post will never see the light of day."

    I won that bet. Not only did Huffington Post refuse to publish my statement (as I knew they would), they "banned" me from Huffington Post. I rest my case.

    If you're statement is derogatory, but liberal in nature, you are free to call people "redneck, white trash, hillbilly, bottom feeders, ignorant, inbreeders, racist, homophobic" or any other derogatory term the liberal writer can think of and their remarks will never be censored.


    1. It's not liberal or conservative - HP has it's own set of bizarre rules and frankly they are notsees.

  5. "If you're statement is derogatory, but liberal in nature, you are free to call people "redneck, white trash,..."

    You are wrong about that. I'm very far to the left, closer to a socialist or anarchist than a liberal, and I started this blog because so many of my comments got censored. You believe that conservative comments get censored because those are the comments you make. You never even see all the liberal or far left comments that don't make it.

  6. What the Huffington Post censors is not the "liberal" or "conservative" points of view but the TRUTH. The false liberal vs. conservative paradigm is part of the con job being pulled on society. However, there is some truth on both sides and whenever either of these misled proponents speaks that truth, they get censored. I have also been censored because I tell the truth with regard to the homosexual agenda, the feminist agenda and the neverending war agenda, all being perpetrated on us by the 1% of elite Luciferians in control. I also mention that these Luciferians also use a "left vs right" paradigm with regard to religion, ie mainstream 501c3 state controlled churchianity vs. rabid hatemongers like Fred Phelps and his gang, both equally erroneous and both giving true believers in Christ a bad name especially when we try to stand up for God's Word against the abomination of homosexuality. I get called every name in the book by the homos and accused of "stoning people to death" (OT) and also accused of being one with Fred Phelps and his cult. When I give them a sound and scriptural rebuttal as well as mentioning that most of professing "christianity" is false and that Jesus Christ is not religious but spirit and Truth, I get censored. Even though I made clear that I don't hate homosexuals, only the demon that possesses them. I made clear that the ones who did the stoning in the New Testament were the hypocritical religous leaders, closet homosexuals and unbelievers. The one's who got stoned were Stephen, the Apostle Paul, etc. for telling the TRUTH. But the Huffington Post, who is obviously pro-sodomite and anti-free speech, will not allow anyone to speak the truth about any subject. I am also anti-war and believe what Jesus said about loving my neighbors, which includes the Muslims and Palestianians. The homosexuals posting accused me (by merely assuming) of being a warmongering, hater of Muslims (as most of the false churchians are). And of course when I stated that I am anti war (a usually liberal stance) and that I love my Muslim/Mid East neighbors and that the International bankers are the ones behind all the wars, I (of course) am censored again. We all know who the mass media work for (international bankers). That's why they suppress the truth. It has nothing to do with liberal vs. conservative which is just a trap set up by them to keep people in the dark.

    1. If you had posted this nonsensical rhetoric on our site I would have allowed you to be seen. For one reason only: I want others to see how twisted you are. Religion has no place in the seat of government.

  7. Apparently they are also afraid of the House Oversight Commitee reports, they seem to fencer every post I include a link to them

  8. Perhaps their goal is to not show or have comments on their online site.


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