Friday, July 2, 2010

Not all whores are equally respectable

From a new Huffpo user who has had enough of the arbitrary censorship policy:

I had a perfect example of the “bot” phenomenon today, July 1, 2010. There is an article about Helen Reddy calling out Madonna. Specifically, the headline was “Madonna has made us all whores,” and they used the word “whore” in the article as well. Yet (I’m sure you can see this coming) no comment I made got posted because I included the word “whore” in it. Funny thing was, I was making a rather pithy comment about something tangential yet relevant, specifically:

“So basically, Reddy is saying that the classic Madonna – Whore complex is no longer valid... since the two have apparently merged into one.”

Well, socially of course, the M/W complex is exactly what Madonna spent her early career attacking. I thought the comment hugely appropriate, but alas, hp’s bot did not.

I've had so many similar examples. Article that discuss the most tawdry subjecs and comments that arbitrarily get "moderated" for using less offensive language than what was in the original article.


  1. You seriously misunderstand how the system works.

  2. @ "Anonymous"
    3:10 PM CST

    Quote :

    ..."You seriously misunderstand how the system works."...

    Oh really ? Well, Mr/Ms "Anonymous", suppose you "explain" it to us. We're all ears. Or do you only deal in dropping passive-aggressive, anonymous turds in cyberspace. They float, you know; no wind to blow them around.


  3. Remember, there may be a number of us posting under the name "Anonymous". We don't all agree with the poster above!


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