Friday, July 23, 2010

After Staying published for two weeks...

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Here is a new example from J.B. where a comment disappeared after being up for two weeks.

Friday, July 23, 2010
3:45 PM CST

Another  censorship on top of censorship from the same blog.

After a second posting, this entry stayed at the top of page one for nearly two weeks. Apparently no one (was allowed ?) to post after it. Today I noticed my entry was censored; guess they figured no one was paying attention.


Channeling Erik: Conversations With My Son in the Afterlife
James Ballard   1 hour ago (5:35 PM)
[ 2nd posting ]
@ "JohnFromCensornati" & "kwinter"
4:35 PM CST

The cen$$oring being committed on this blog...entire pathetic and desperate. Sad, frightened little souls who can only be comforted by their own words, fairytales and self-delusion.

Such a demoralizing display of expediency on a so-called "progressive" blog.


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