Monday, July 19, 2010

Remembering HumeSkeptic and CarlIV

There is a new article on the Huffington Post today mourning the loss of two users: HumSkeptic and CarlIV, both of whom died recently. First we would like to also express our sadness at their passing. We all had interesting discussions with both of them.

However, there is an interesting statistic glossed over in the article. The following statistics are from the Huffington Post as quoted in the article. 

HumeSkeptic had a total of 116,966 comments. Of those 24,038 were censored! I.e. 20% of the comments of a user that the moderators praise as one of the most thoughtful commenters on the site were censored. Some other users have commented on this as well but no reply from the Huffpo moderators who wrote the article yet.

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