Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Southern Bubba

The following is a comment from user Southern Bubba. I thought it was worth putting up as a seaperate post:

Southern Bubba said...

SouthernBubba here. The most ardent hater of censorship at HP or anywhere else you will ever find. Hope that you will spend time on this site and encourage others to do so. If you post regularly on HP and get censored for ridiculous reasons (and those are the only reasons for censorship), then start using using the term censormod2nit(s) every chance you get. Quite a bit of the time that term will make it through, I think because it shames some of them. Also, as often as possible, mention that posters hate HP for giving ANY poster the right to influence (don't use censor-deletion will surely follow) ANY other poster for ANY reason. Throw in the phrase Constitution/Free Speech Hater(s) in a quick post right after a pending and sometimes that will shame them into letting the original post go through. Another little trick: fan the posters that you do not like with the highest # of fans and that way when get you 'em with a zinger, there is a greater chance that more will see it.

This problem of censorship is a common crime against the Founding Fathers and does not have anything at all to do with which side of the aisle you are on. Let's hear some good ideas on how we can get this corrected on HP and make it truly as great as it was intended to be.

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  1. "Let's hear some good ideas on how we can get this corrected on HP and make it truly as great as it was intended to be." I posted this idea in another string, but thought I'd add it here in response to your good question.

    AN IDEA:

    1. Create a table or list--with a prominent link posted on the first page of this website -- where people could list EACH AND EVERY INSTANCE of censorship by HuffPo. The list could include:

    • their screen name
    • title of the article involved
    • date they were banned/profile deleted from Huffington Post

    2. The list would become longer and longer, and the issue of HuffPo censorship
    could become even more visible in the media. People would direct others to the list.

    3. When the list is long (shouldn't take much time once it's known), it could be blogged about in other media, etc--hence exposing the issue of HuffPo's immoral censorship AND bringing traffic to this good website.

    That's my 2-cents.

    Keep up your great work.


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