Monday, July 5, 2010

First rule of Huffpo: Don't talk about Huffpo

Here is an interesting thread that was censored today.  As I've tried to reverse engineer the Huffpo censorship rules one thing I've noticed is that most comments that in any way talk about the censorship policy or indeed even the Huffpo site itself almost always get censored. To me this is one of the most egregious things about the whole policy.  If we are really interested in creating a new media, an alternative to the corporate controlled newspapers, cable news, network news, etc. then I think one of the most essential qualities would be a willingness for us to discuss the medium itself.  Personally, I've come to believe for quite some time that Ms. Huffington is just interested in being the electronic version of the New York Times, with a lot less science and a lot more new age woo and People magazine. Here is the thread with an introduction from James Ballard:

Huff "moderators" (or the author) just censored an entire thread between myself and a new fan. The first and reply posts ("ZumaBlue's reply) were already published over the weekend, then when I replied and fanned "ZumaBlue", the entire thread was censored !

Why ?

James Ballard

Channeling Erik: Conversations With My Son in the Afterlife 

James Ballard   06:17 PM on 7/03/2010
[ 2nd posting ]
5:15 PM CST

Sad. This "MD" is in total shutdown mode : complete denial.

A better therapy for her would be to read a book, as opposed to enabling herself with "mediums" and formulating these delusions on a public blog. Catharsis ? I don't think so. Denial ? Definitely.

And why is this blog in "living" and not in "religion", where it belongs ??

ZumaBlue   08:01 PM on 7/03/2010
My sympathies were with this grieving family possibly being exploited by a "medium", but now it's with other vulnerable, mournful people logging onto this blog now being exploited by a mother who has taken up the reigns and is now "channeling" her deceased son - herself. Telling people that this is her "sons" work, fortune telling. Healthy boundaries seem to be completely erased all for some personal need.

Some people will go to any length to hear, what they desperately want and desire to hear. To absolve themselves of guilt, anger, fear, grief. All perspective long lost -
James Ballard   0 minute ago (1:56 PM)

@ "ZumaBlue"
12:55 PM CST


...Furthermore, the fact that Huff is enabling her is also sad and in direct violation of the health boundaries you are addressing. It's both exploitive and pathetic. It gives me shivers to think that this woman is an "MD". I pity the "patients" within her sphere of "medical practice". Just how objective in diagnosing and treatments can this "MD" be in dispensing sound medical practice while at the same time she solicits "mediums" ?

Outrageous. Sad . And pathetic.



  1. 6:25 PM CST

    ...Thanx RedDog...We'll keep the flame burning...


  2. [From "Holyheretic"]
    Dear James.

    I am sorry they rejected your important voice of reason.

    It is very sad that at HP they too often stifle free speech.

    They give too much leeway to the "censors" who seem to be the writers of these articles, to discard legitimate criticism of their own work, regardless of how interesting and valuable this view may be for the HP readers.

    I strongly object to this lack of tolerance, this tyranny over free expression in the land of Jefferson.


    [Reply from James]
    Tues., 7/6/10
    4:40 PM CST

    ...Yes. Especially in this instance; I do believe it was the author this time because it did get past the "moderators" for the entire weekend... the moment I replied to "ZumaBlue", the whole thread diasappeared.

    Jim B.


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