Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Facebook Group

There is a new group on Facebook called Banned from Huffpo

The threaded discussion capabilities on this blog are relatively limited. The Facebook group provides a way for us to have better discussions and also for other users to quickly post their own examples of censorship or other thoughts.


  1. Great idea, but please keep this website active for those who don't have facebook accounts.

  2. Good luck with your fight to turn around HP's ridiculous censorship policy. We see plenty of posts painting ALL Muslims as terrorists and calling for their expulsion from Western countries but the replies are often REMOVED. Anything involving Israel is skewed in favor of the Likudniks or worse.
    For the record, I am for right of everyone to have their say, including those who think the worst of me. Beyond the obvious political biases, all of my posts (evenly slightly) critical of Ariana are NEVER published!
    Yank in France


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